Functional Evaluation of Reproductive Nutrigenomics

Lifestyle Genetic Fertility Test

Uncover Your Fertility Blueprint Before You Try to Conceive

Your Roadmap to Better Fertility

The road to growing your family isn’t always easy. You don’t want to waste time on a trial-and-error approach that includes different diets, supplements, and treatment plans that are intended for the general population — but may not be right for you.

You want insight into your specific profile. This allows for the tailoring of your treatment and the best clinical outcomes.

But fertility is a complex process. Multiple factors can influence egg and sperm production, as well as embryo development — many that can’t be detected by blood work alone. For example, certain genetic predispositions can affect hormone balance, ovulation, nutrient absorption, detox pathways, and even weight gain. These genes don’t show up in routine testing, unfortunately.

Know Your Genes. Understand Your Fertility.

What if you could remove the guesswork with a test that provides personalized and actionable nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle recommendations — all tailored to your unique genetic makeup?

The result: better insight into factors that impact egg or sperm quality, response to fertility treatments, and healthy pregnancy.

Powered by one of Canada’s leading DNA labs, this is the first and only lifestyle genetic test that focuses on fertility so that you can optimize your health before you try to conceive or start fertility treatment.

With over 4000 genetic tests completed to date, Fern DNA (a.k.a. Functional Evaluation of Reproductive Nutrigenomics) gives you a detailed roadmap based on your genetic blueprint.

"I was diagnosed with PCOS and Endometriosis, which was likely the cause of my 8-year journey of infertility. I started to see my Naturopathic Doctor who helped me tailor my diet and recommend vitamins/ non-prescription products to my genetic makeup — which in turn helped significantly with my menstrual pain.

She also recommended that I take the [lifestyle] genetics test to help supplement my diagnoses, which confirmed everything she suspected was the cause of my infertility.

This gave us confidence that we were doing all we could and so I then tried my 2nd round of IVF and ended up with 2 euploid embryos and I'm currently 6 months pregnant."


With DNA, One Size Doesn't Fit All

Generalized treatment plans work for some people, but in reality, our bodies are never “one-size-fits-all”. Let’s take vitamin D, for example:

Fern DNA Lifestyle Genetics Fertility Test

Using innovative technology, we look at your DNA to test for specific genetic variants that can affect egg and/or sperm health, as well as the lifestyle, nutrient and dietary factors that are essential for conception.

"I would definitely recommend this test to family and friends who are hoping to gain more insight into their health and wellness — whether it be for fertility or any issues in general.

You need to cover all of your bases and put your body in the best possible condition to create healthy eggs based on your own body's needs. This DNA test really set us up for success, along with all of [the] recommendations based off of the results."

Sarah C.

Know Your Fertility Blind Spots

With fertility, and health in general, there’s…

what you know

what you don’t know, and

what you don’t know you don’t know

These are your fertility blind spots. They can reduce clinical outcomes, increase the risk of complications, and affect the health of your future baby.

Get to know your genes with the Fern DNA lifestyle fertility genetics test

Discover Your Fertility Blueprint

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