Fern DNA Course for Naturopaths

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  • Introduction to Infertility:
    Overview of infertility prevalence and diagnostic challenges.
  • Introduction to the role of genetics in infertility research.
  • Fertility Processes and Causes:
    In-depth exploration of physiological processes underlying fertility.
  • Examination of common causes of infertility and their genetic implications.
  • Nutritional Support for Fertility:
    Identification of essential nutrients for sperm and egg health.
  • Discussion of key supplements used in fertility treatment and their efficacy.
  • Genetics and Nutrient Metabolism:
    Exploration of genetic polymorphisms affecting nutrient metabolism.
  • Practical implications for dietary and supplemental interventions based on genetic profiles.
  • Female Reproductive Health:
    Examination of conditions impacting female fertility, including endometriosis and dysbiosis.
  • Analysis of genetic factors contributing to female reproductive disorders.
  • Male Reproductive Health:
    Investigation of genetic determinants of male infertility.
    Application of genetic insights in predicting treatment outcomes and formulating personalized approaches.
  • Each module integrates theoretical concepts with practical applications, providing participants with a comprehensive understanding of the genetic and physiological aspects of fertility and infertility treatment.
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