Genetics Advisor

Dr. Robyn Murphy, ND

Robyn Murphy, BSc., ND is the Fern DNA Genetics Advisor, as well as the Scientific Advisor for DNA Labs Canada. She received a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (CCNM) and holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Alberta.

Since the inception of her career, Robyn has worked alongside medical geneticists to co-develop lifestyle genetic panels for clinical application. With advanced training in integrative care and lifestyle genetics, she became determined early on to remove the many unknown factors that fertility patients face. She saw how patients could essentially be doing the same protocol, but respond differently. Lifestyle genetics helps to reveal the unique variations between individuals and the intricacies related to our health. It enables her to determine the best protocols for someone’s circumstances, physiology and genetics.

Dr. Murphy is the past Clinical Research Advisor for AOR with multiple publications in peer-reviewed medical journals, including connections between certain genes and infertility. Robyn is also a public speaker, who is passionate about educating both healthcare professionals and the public about functional genomics and is a regular speaker at medical conferences. Her expertise has led to the co-creation of fertility genetic panels and her contribution to the documentary series, The Shift.

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