The Science of Fern DNA

Improving Your Fertility Future With Genetic Testing

Whether you are following the best fertility diet or taking the top prenatal vitamin, your genetic makeup affects more than your future baby. It influences how you digest, absorb, metabolize, and transport nutrients.

Some people are more susceptible to a deficiency in certain vitamins and nutrients — even when following recommended guidelines. This can influence sperm and egg quality, as well as other reproductive processes.

By getting a customized plan based on your genetic makeup you can reduce the time to conception and improve the health of your pregnancy and future baby.

Precision Fertility Science

Fern DNA is safe and secure, with results you can trust:

The Link Between Genetics and Fertility

How does a simple DNA sample give you information about your fertility? Here’s how it works:

Your DNA is Only PART of the Story

Your DNA is only part of the picture. For example, you may have a genetic variation that puts you at higher risk for a nutrient deficiency. But, that doesn’t mean that it will happen. While you can’t alter your DNA, you can make changes to your lifestyle which in turn changes the effect your DNA has on your fertility.

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