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No two bodies, stories or paths to parenthood are alike. Your physiology is unique — from your fingerprints to your DNA.

One size simply, and rarely, fits all. This rings especially true when it comes to our genetic variations. The differences that make our bodies unique, also impact how they handle oxidative stress, dietary changes, and environmental factors. In turn, this affects egg and sperm production, reproductive processes, and overall fertility.

Understanding the biological and physiological variations that make us individuals can open the door to truly personalized medicine. With this lock and key-approach, we can improve outcomes for those trying to conceive, undergoing fertility treatment, and currently pregnant.

So while that basic prenatal sits on your counter, we believe we can do more if we know more; having the right information helps you make the best choice for YOUR body. And that’s why we developed Fern DNA.

We are excited to be on this journey with you and can’t wait to help you achieve your preconception potential.

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